7 Ways Introverts Can Practice Self-Care for Overall Wellness

If you consider yourself an introvert, the idea of venturing out to a gym or joining a fitness class might be slightly terrifying. The good news is, you aren’t required to be in a group to practice self-care. Today, we’ll highlight a few ways introverts can practice mind and body self-care, for overall wellness, without the anxiety of group activities.

Solo Fitness

Running, swimming, hiking, and cycling are all terrific examples of solo-based exercise. Bring along your favorite playlist and enjoy scenic views as you go. Be mindful of your safety and surroundings, though. Experiencing a fall or injury while you’re on a trail or isolated road can be dangerous. Consider bringing along a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Newer models have a host of safety features in case you need to call for help. Beyond heart monitoring, some smartwatches can detect if you fall and call for help. They can also keep you on track with your fitness goals and can monitor your heart rate.

Yoga at Home

Consider doing yoga at home with online videos and tutorials. Mayo Clinic explains yoga can be a great solo activity to help relieve stress, keep your body adequately stretched, and invoke quietness. While there are many yoga studios and classes available for all experience levels, for introverts, venturing into a group setting can be tough. Stay in the comfort of your home instead and create a routine in which you can be comfortable.

Meal Prep and Diet

Staying healthy and promoting wellness means doing your best to eat the right foods. For introverts, meal prepping and diet goals can be managed as a solo endeavor. Get inspired with online tutorials and those sharing a diet journey. Keep a log and journal your goals and progress. Look to some kitchen devices for help. For example, a high-quality rice cooker will have a specific setting for cooking brown rice which is a healthier alternative to white rice. You can also cook healthy and delicious meals in a slow cooker; diet-boosting recipes include veggie chili and bean and barley soup

Meditation and Reflection

Allocate time in your busy day or week for meditation and reflection. It can be easy to let a hectic lifestyle take over your thought process, even for introverts. Intentional pauses to allow rhythmic breathing and quiet reflection can help you regain your healthiest pace.

Resting and Quality Sleep

One of the best ways to guarantee you have proper energy levels throughout your day is first making sure you’re getting enough quality sleep. As Medical News Today explains, getting a full night’s rest will promote overall health and wellness. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of brief weekend naps, too — a welcome health perk for those who consider themselves introverts.


Expand your mind and explore your talents with hobbies. Even the most introverted of us can find new outlets for creativity and mind-strengthening exercises. Photography, writing, or starting a collection are all great examples of hobbies perfectly mastered alone. Consider learning to play an instrument or make time for reading. You’ll find reward in exploring new-to-you activities.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone. It can be challenging for some, but ultimately, finding subtle ways to do new things and incorporate yourself into small group activities can help you grow. Expand your norm when you can and build self-confidence in your ability to assimilate

Introverts need self-care, too. Tap into some of these solo ideas as you strive for overall wellness. There are tools and tech available to help keep you healthy, safe as you go it alone, and improving with personal health goals. It may be trendy to engage in groups but know there are plenty of ways to stay healthy on your own as well.