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Who We Are

At The Juice Box, Our aim is to keep your health as our priority. We provide a range of refreshing, delicious, and nourishing beverages including the most extensive variety of vegetable & fruit juices for all your health needs. We have the expertise in every kind of organic beverage as well such as shakes, smoothies and much more. The Juice Box also provides cold pressed juices, vitamins, and a large variety of supplements.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing locally sourced, raw, cold-pressed juices to our clients keeping their health at the center. Our several years of juicing experience is the most efficient way to complete your health & nutritional needs without the use of artificial and synthetic multi-vitamins supplements. Our processing procedure involves removal of the fiber from these raw, living foods as they are almost instantly absorbed into the bloodstream for maximum health benefits.

Drinking our range of juices, shakes, and smoothies benefit the digestive system as well to provide a powerful & regular dose of steady, sustained energy throughout the day.


Fresh juice of various fruits and vegetables is a kind of super food that has tremendous health benefits. Juice is easily and optimally absorbed by the body making it the favorite of many. Adding fresh juice to the regular diet not only aids in a positive and healthy lifestyle but also allows the body to get the optimal nutrition. The Juice Box in Brooklyn is a one-stop shop for a large variety of fresh, healthy, and delicious juices, shakes, and smoothies.

Benefits of drinking juice regularly

[bwp_policy_shortcode title1=”Detoxification of the body” image=”5823″ layout=”layout2″ desc=”Drinking fresh and healthy juices is one of the best ways to detoxify and heal the body to achieve the health goals. Juices contain a lot of nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that get quickly absorbed in the body and are easily digestible.”][bwp_policy_shortcode title1=”Aids in the process of weight loss” image=”5824″ layout=”layout2″ desc=”Drinking juice is an effective way to lose weight and fights other unhealthy toxins to improve the overall health of the body. Having juice every day aids in the process of weight loss along with providing other health benefits such as strengthened immune system, fewer allergies, better digestion, and fewer chances of the chronic diseases.”][bwp_policy_shortcode title1=”Saves from illnesses” image=”5825″ layout=”layout2″ desc=”Including the juice in every day’s diet boosts the health by providing more energy and prepares the body to fight several illnesses.”]
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